Formica Asia     |   31 May 2017

Formica Thailand celebrates 2 years no LTI

Safety is top of the agenda at all Fletcher Building sites around the world, including at Formica Thailand, where they have now reached two years with no lost time injuries (LTI).

The business proudly marked this milestone with Formica Asia President Jerome Michel in February.

This achievement is a salute to their continued commitment to their successful site safety programme and making safety their number one priority.

Formica Thailand have put in place many initiatives that have helped contribute to this milestone.

Health and safety is the first item on the agenda of any meeting at the site. They have changed employees' attitudes - now talking about health and safety on site is positive, standard practice and employees are actively encouraged to take responsibility for their own safety and monitor themselves, each other, and contractors on site.

They have also focused on risk assessment and making sure safety walk and talk observations by supervisors and health and safety representatives are in place.

"Congratulations to everyone at Formica Thailand and to the management team who have completed two years with no LTI," says Formica Asia President Jerome Michel.

"This has required lots of work from each of us to change habits and behave with the right mindset. You can be proud of yourselves, and I look forward to keeping this momentum and celebrating the next one"

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